OM BOTANICAL - skin care the way it should be

Wouldn't it be nice to have all skin care products on the market, free of toxic chemical, petroleum (crude oil) byproducts, harsh preservatives and fillers? Consumer awareness intensifies the demand for all natural, non-toxic products. Yet, over 95% of cosmetic products in this largely self-regulated industry, still contain one or more of the toxic ingredients we need to avoid. Some of these ingredients are carcinogenic, others are endocrine disruptors , free radical producers, cytotoxins, skin irritants or they cause extreme dryness or some sort of dermatitis. Just in the last ten years alone, skin cancers have more than doubled, endocrine disorders have tripled and our exposure to these toxins is continuing to deteriorate our health. Sixties notion that chemicals provide solutions to everything is outdated and needs to be reversed. Choice All Natural, Inc. was established as a social entrepreneurship project to provide consumers a choice, by formulating and manufacturing safe, non-toxic products.

Part of the Choice All Natural, Inc. family, OM BOTANICAL is a beautifully handmade brand of truly natural and organic skin, hair and body care products.  The decision as to what goes into our non-toxic products and what stays out is based totally on the safety and efficacy of the final product. Our scientists study the bio-activity of plant molecules, identify the ingredients that work in synergy with your skin's inherent mechanisms and then develop formulations for specific applications. It is this process that led to the development of this therapeutic brand of 100% natural and organic skin and body care products. Our botanical ingredients are not only the safest, but also have the most powerful healing and renewing properties available.

When OM BOTANICAL says it is truly all natural and organic, we are saying that we use only the purest botanical ingredients and minerals.  Unbleached and unprocessed, these non-white products are completely free of toxic chemicals, petroleum based ingredients, synthetic compounds, harsh preservatives, perfumes, fillers or any animal derived ingredients. We also refrain from animal testing. There are no secret ingredients either. We proudly list all of  the ingredients we use so you know exactly what you are putting on your body. Unlike most skin care products with water as primary ingredient, we do not add any water to our formulations. We don't give you products that are 60 to 80% water. As a result, only a small amount of our highly concentrated products is needed. Skin care should be caring for your skin, not harming your body and the environment. This is what we believe and this is what we stand by.



We strive to empower our customers, associates and communities across the world to control their own destinies. We do this through:

  • Choice: We provide a choice to individuals and groups to select products that are truly 100% natural and are free of toxic chemicals, preservatives, synthetic compounds, perfumes and fillers; products that are safe, effective, gluten free, vegan and cruelty free.

  • Win-win relationships: We create win-win relationships with our customers, associates, suppliers and communities around the world through, integrity, trust and open communication.

  • Education: We believe knowledge gives us power to choose, so we have dedicated our resources to learning, research and development as well as in educating our consumers of potential benefits and risks of using different ingredients. We also encourage consumers to know what is in the products they consume both externally and internally.


Stewardship is the assumption of responsibility for the welfare of the world. We are committed to proper use and management of earthâ€â„¢s resources as well as protecting the health and safety of our customers and associates.

  • Ethics: We believe that using animals as property and animal products as a commodity is unethical. Hence all of our products contain neither animal ingredients nor are they tested on animals.

  • Social Entrepreneurship: We are an entrepreneurial company with a focus on the triple bottom line - people - social sustainability , planet - environmental sustainability and profit - economical sustainability. We also allocate 25% of our profit for supporting grass root social and environmental organizations.

  • Sustainability: Our practice embodies "design with nature" for both our ingredient sourcing as well as our formulations. We carefully select suppliers that support sustainability and fair-trade practices. We diligently formulate our products to work in synergy with our bodyâ€â„¢s inherent mechanisms and balance. We are also committed to reducing a global footprint of beauty, health and wellness industries.


Provide leadership to create and support consumer preference for truly natural nontoxic products that enhance their health and well-being.

  • Dare to be different: With so many companies flooding the market with new so called "quick-fix" products that disregard long term health and safety of consumers, OM BOTANICAL is a rare breed of companies that dares to be different. With our commitment to the purest brand of products and innovative formulations, we have created products that are safe, effective and simple to use.

  • Be the change: The inception of OM BOTANICAL is the personal rendition of change for its vegan founder/CEO, inspired by Gandhi's quote: "You must be the change you want to see in the world".

  • Transparency: We seek to create transparency with respect to our ingredients sourcing, production, product safety and efficacy in order to bring to market the safest highest quality products available.