Why are your products not white - like other skin care products?

A. Most natural ingredients such as cold pressed essential oils, herbs and botanicals are not naturally white or clear in color. Unlike other products on the market, the ingredients in our products are never bleached or chemically processed. Our products contain no additives or perfumes so you can fully enjoy the natural tints and earthy fragrances of our holistic skin care brand.

What makes your products unique?

A. Our products are formulated to work at the molecular level activating your skin's natural ability to renew, regenerate and heal. Instead of simply masking skin problems with synthetic compounds, our products nourish your skin with whole botanical extracts that include Nature's full spectrum of bio-active ingredients. We reject the common practice of isolating individual chemicals, thereby stripping botanicals of their natural synergy and restorative properties. This process, coupled with synthetic mass production, can result in unwanted side effects. Instead our products ensure optimal benefits by safely providing unaltered bio-availability.

Where are these skin care products made?

A. Our products are formulated and manufactured in our facility in Apex, North Carolina. All products are GMP compliant and are produced in a clean room environment for highest quality and integrity.

Do you use paraben or other synthetic preservatives?

A. No. We do not use paraben or other synthetic preservatives. Many of our natural ingredients have inherent anti-microbial activity. Additionally, our products are packed in specially designed airless bottles to avoid product oxidation and microbial contamination often found in jars and tubes.

Are your products tested on animals?

A. Our products are never tested on animals. We are concerned about animal welfare and all of our products are certified vegan and cruelty free. We rely exclusively on suppliers that abide by the strict standards established by our vegan founder. 

What is your return policy?

A. We offer a 30 day, no hassle money back guarantee. 

Are your products eco-friendly?

A. Our products are 100% natural and biodegradable. We use recycled and recyclable materials for all of our packaging and we use bio-degradable material for shipping. All of our botanical ingredients are obtained from small farmers using organic, sustainable farming practices and fair trade suppliers.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda literally means a "science of life." It is a holistic medical system from India addressing beauty, health and wellness practices that is over 5,000 years old.

Ayurveda teaches that the skin absorbs nutrients that will affect our body on a cellular level, and therefore nothing should be applied to the skin that cannot be taken internally. The latest scientific research supports this fact.