Packaging Makes a Lot of Difference

Tired of having to wash your hands every time you dip them in a jar, and still find it impossible not to contaminate your expensive creams? OM BOTANICAL ™ is one of the world’s first companies to adopt specially designed, German engineered and 100% recyclable, airless bottles to package our entire line of skin care products.

Gone are the days of the flexible tube, the end of which regularly clogs up, flattens itself or takes in contamination and air each time it is used. Gone are the days of the plastic or glass jar, in which fingers are dipped during several weeks of use, invariably introducing germs. Bid farewell to the plain old pumps which gradually fill the bottle with contaminated air dispensing an increasingly oxidized product with every use.

Airless Bottle

Our new, airless, pumps solve all these problems, and more. With their high quality, USA based, manufacturing in clean room environment, these bottles extend the shelf life of our product without resorting to harmful chemical preservatives. It's a win-win for everyone.

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