Ten Daily Practices for Inner Beauty
Time flies and life keeps us busy. It’s a good thing, but sometimes we need a little pick-me-up reminder of what is really important in life and of how valuable taking time for ourselves really is. If you spent 10-15 minutes every day grounding yourself in your values and creating your day just because you can, you will bring more joy and satisfaction to your day and your life. It may not change your circumstances overnight however how your response to what life throws at you would be of your own choosing. You will rapidly move from being a victim or merely surviving to living a life that you love

Here are some of the things I have learned to live by and practice, everyday. I encourage you to try them and experience the difference. 

1. Gratitude exercise: Find at least ten things everyday to be grateful for. 

2. Declare your way of being for the day. Let your actions and experiences be guided by that. Some examples: being love, being happy, being a contribution, being peaceful, being connection, being a friend, being grateful etc... 

3. Remember that only you are responsible for your happiness, no one else is. Also understand that you can not make others happy, it is their own responsibility. 

4. Know that you are powerful beyond Your recognition so go for your dreams. Be fearless. 

5. Everyday is a new day. Start fresh and let go of yesterday. What happened in the past can not be changed either by you or others. Choose the memory that empowers you. 

6. Remember, you are the source of all your experiences.

7. Discard your judge's robe ...permanently. Be an observer. 

8. Our thought create our reality so choose your thoughts that support the reality you want to create. 

9. Random act of kindness: At least one a day. For no reason at all. 

10. You are incredibly beautiful. So is everything in nature. Cherish the beauty all around you.
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