Video Terms

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What should my video be about?

Your video should be YOU reading the ingredients on your current/favorite beauty product. In the beginning of the video state your name and state the name of the product you are reading ingredients from. Conclude the video by reading out loud the ingredients in that product. When reading the ingredients read them clearly and loudly, make sure you read all the ingredients. Pronunciation does not matter. If you stumble it is okay. You do not need to be perfect. Send us your first take.

How / where should I submit my video?

Submit your video via Facebook.

Post on your timeline the video you recorded and make sure you tag us. Also make sure that when you post it you allow OM Botanical to see the post. In the description write your name and a comment (optional).

We will also need that video emailed to In this email please write your name and mailing information (address).

When will OM Botanical contact me?

Be patient we will contact you as soon as we see the video. If we do not contact you we will mail the product within a week of your post.  

If you send us a video be aware that we may use the video on the web. If you do not agree, do not send videos. This campaign is only for people that live in the United States no international shipping will be made.