Antioxidant Toning Face Mist – Neroli

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Neroli is an essential oil with sweet and floral tones that, when blended with aloe vera, witch hazel, vitamin C and other natural plant properties, helps your skin feel taught, refreshed, and ready for the day. Use this toning face mist on both your face and neck after a deep cleanse, over your makeup, or anytime you feeling like stopping to smell the flowers. Inhale, firm, and reset <3

The neroli mist spray utilizes multiple plant properties to provide an aromatic refreshing and toning experience when applied to the skin. We like to use it after our morning cleansing routine using the (1) One Step Face Wash (2) Vitamin C Serum and (3) Skin Soft Organic Moisturizer to help set the fresh, exfoliated and hydrated delicate part of our skin. Plus, it smells great and offers you a moment to step outside your busy day and into the moment. Can be used over makeup as well.

Aloe vera juice, witch hazel, Vitamin C (acerola cherries), plant glycerin, comfrey, aspen bark, cocoglucoside, patchuli, vitamin E, neroli

Lightly spritz (or heavily depending on how much you love the smell) over face after your morning and evening routine, or during the middle of the day for a refreshing and rejuvenating face tone and mist.


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