The Daily Routine


This is your new, complete daily routine. The time is gone where synthetic or illegible ingredients plagued your bathroom and vanity. Welcome to whole food for your entire body for glow, shine, and so much more. Make the switch from alcohol based-products (that strip and dry), water-based (that don’t moisturize, also known as “fillers”), and synthetic and harmful chemical-based products (the disrupt and harm the body) to creamy, natural, balancing goodness.

  • Shampoo + Condition – can be done daily since there are no harsh chemicals or stripping agents
  • Wash body – also can be used daily since our Kasu Soap hydrates while cleansing
  • Wash face – exfoliate and tone for smooth, supple skin
  • Apply moisturizer – don’t forget about it’s natural UV protection!
  • Body lotion – moisturize and get you daily dose of magnesium (4 pumps)
  • Deodorant – non-toxic, aluminum free with a bit of hops

You’re ready for the day! Full of antioxidants, a healthy skin microbiome, natural UV protection, and pollution protection! Not to mention you look and smell great. Go get ’em!


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