My interest in natural remedies and holistic health started at a very young age. As a young boy I grew up in India with nine other siblings. My mother practiced Ayurveda (an ancient science of life) and had a deep knowledge of medicinal herbs. She successfully treated all our ailments with natural blends of botanical ingredients. Consequently, we all grew up very healthy and with strong immune systems. During those years I got to see firsthand the healing power of nature and the effectiveness of herbal remedies.

In my later years in the USA, I earned a graduate degree in molecular biology and an MBA from Yale University. Throughout my adult life, my commitment to and passion for holistic health stayed with me, and eventually led me to a completely plant based (vegan) lifestyle.

What prompted me to create yet another skin care brand?

When I was looking for a skin care product for my son’s severe eczema, I could not find a single product that was totally free of toxic chemicals, steroids and preservatives...none!

I discovered that all of the treatments available on the market were laden with harmful chemicals and steroids. As I researched further, I was shocked by what I found out. According to a university study, the average woman is exposed to over 250 and the average man to over 100 chemicals on a regular basis. Perhaps even more alarming, over 60% of those chemicals end up in the bloodstream within minutes. Many companies touting "organic" and "natural" products also use some of these chemicals and preservatives in their products, which is why it is important to read the entire ingredient list. It is almost impossible to find a truly 100% all natural skin care product on the market that is not only safe, but also effective.

Knowing what I knew as a scientist about toxins and their effects on the body, and having experienced the incredible benefits of botanical remedies as a child, it seemed to be my calling to create a product line that combined the best of both worlds: products that tapped into the power of nature while eliminating the dangers of harmful chemicals. Thus, Choice All Natural, Inc. was born. It is a socially responsible corporation with an emphasis on the triple bottom line, incorporating sustainability values in all decision making. This includes people (social sustainability), planet (environmental sustainability) and profit (economical sustainability).

Enjoy this uniquely superior skin care products and share your experience with us and your friends.

with Gratitude

Sudhir Shah

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