Skin Irritation and Allergies from some Skin Care dubbed “All-Natural” or “Organic”

“Healthy!” “Organic and All-Natural!” These are just a few of the multitude of phraseology labeled on many of today’s most in-demand or popular skin care products. With the skin care industry projections expected to reach nearly 11 billion dollars in 2018, the importance of proper education on the products you’re purchasing and using daily is higher than ever before. In addition to the exponential industry growth in skin care products, the demand and obsession for products free from harmful chemicals, parabens, and additives have exploded. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog installments, most of the larger corporations simply “greenwashed” their products, making them visually appealing and emphasizing the presence of a few natural ingredients while hiding more sinister chemicals with obscure names and alternative phrasing. New studies, however, show that even many smaller companies that actually DO use all-natural products containing little to no harmful chemicals have started to produce increasing instances of irritation and allergic reactions in consumers. Remember: NOBODY is born allergic to something. Allergies are developed over time, especially when using skincare products daily or repeatedly, the chances of developing an allergy double or even triple with repeated use.

How Can I Avoid or Lessen the Chance of Adverse Reactions

Products advertising as all-natural or organic may contain mineral oils and/or harsh surficants. These can strip the acid mantle on your skin causing the likeliness of irritation or allergic reaction to increase tremendously. Using products from Om Botanical (that are not heavily-laden with essential/mineral oils) as well as avoiding citrus based ingredients and harsh surficants can help greatly with avoiding these newfound allergic rashes and breakouts

So Why Choose Om Botanical as my Go-To “All Natural” skincare

New studies have shown a shocking 25 percent increase over the past decade in reactions to numerous (usually widely-known or “brand name” companies!!) skincare products that contain fragrances that are artificial rather than derived from natural oils. Om Botanical, on the other hand, has made sure to carefully handcraft our products to be hypoallergenic, containing NO mineral oils, and no harsh plant extracts. The difference in our products compared to other “all-natural” brands is the unique and careful approach to the methodology used in making them. Many of the products causing problems, irritation, and health issues contain isolated extracted chemicals from various plants or minerals. We use the entire plant, which is key because the plant contains natural, evolutionary roadblocks that prevent many of these allergic and irritational reactions. Take the Centella asiatica plant for example; more commonly known as Gotu Kola, this plant helps greatly with products used for anti-aging properties. If we were to use only the “active” part of the plant ingredient, skin irritation would be more likely to occur, but since we are using all of the plant, including the natural buffers, the skin irritation probability exponentially decreases

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