Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and Organic Conditioner Kit

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Anti-hair loss shampoo + conditioner/styling gel
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Sulfate Free, Anti-Hair Loss Ayurvedic Shampoo with Soapnuts and Biotin 
You will agree that this is the best organic shampoo on the market.
This NEW sulfate free anti-hair loss organic shampoo employs the natural power of soapnuts, shikakai, neem and biotin. It is inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic remedy for hair, scalp and skin conditions.

  • Leaves hair tangle-free and manageable with healthy body, texture. volume and shine.
  • Hydrates and revitalizes dry, damaged or stressed hair. Relieves itchy scalp.
  • This sulfate free shampoo cleanses without irritating scalp, weakening hair follicles or depleting nutrients and moisture.
  • Prevents hair loss and dandruff, restores and rejuvenates.

OM Botanical organic anti-dandruff hair care products are made with all natural botanical ingredients, unbleached and unprocessed for utmost safety and unaltered bio-availability. 

OM Botanical Conditioning Hair and Scalp Treatment
This NEW all botanical conditioning hair and scalp treatment helps soften hair and eliminate frizz, while at the same time prevents hair loss and dandruff.

  • Luxurious jojoba oil, and saponified olive oil help tame tangles and knots, pampering every strand
  • Jojoba protein and pumpkin seed oil provide nourishment and ensures healthy, shiny, and thick hair
  • Ayurvedic herbs like brahmi, neem and bhringraj strengthen hair follicles, prevent dandruff and treat scalp
  • Enjoy soft, knot-free, tangle-free hair
  • Color safe formulation for all hair types, pH balanced
  • Clinically proven ingredients to prevent hair loss and dandruff
  • Best hair loss product using only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals that damage the scalp, cause irritation and cause hair loss
  • Blocks production of DHT for maximum regeneration of new hair growth
  • Increase the time hair remains in the Anagen phase (growth phase)
  • No sulphates, parabens or harmful side effects; no chemicals like Minoxidil or Rogaine

Due to the additional weight of the shampoo and conditioner bottles, there is a $2 shipping surcharge for this kit.

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