Protect Your Skin, Protect Your Future

Our bodies are resilient, but under attack. From the food we eat to the air we smell to the products we use on our bodies, women (on average) are exposed to over 250 harmful chemicals and toxins each day and the average man over 100.

Even more alarming, over 60% of those chemicals end up in the bloodstream within minutes. Many companies touting “organic” and “natural” products are also using sknown toxic chemicals and preservatives.

We decided to be part of the solution.

Armed with the ancient wisdom of plants and modern science, we embarked on a mission to start a company where products weren’t only 100% safe, but were the most effective, non-synthetic products on the market. We don’t compromise beauty for safety and we’ve created formulas so that now, you don’t have to either.

Formulating and manufacturing pure, nontoxic skin care, hair care and body care products is all we do.

om – helps concentrate the mind on what matters.

bo·tan·i·cal – substance derived from a plant.

Who We Are

We are a handmade brand of truly natural and organic skin, hair, and body care products. The decision about what goes into our products and what stays out is based solely on safety and efficacy. Our scientists study the bio-activity of plant molecules, identify the ingredients that work in synergy with your skin’s inherent mechanisms, and then develop formulations for specific applications. It is this process that led to the development of our therapeutic brand of 100% natural and organic skin, hair and body care products. OM Botanical ingredients are not only the safest, but also have the most powerful healing properties available.

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